Welcome to the video page, where you can find a history of Tinsel Trading, tips, tricks, how-to videos, and more! 

A Short history of Tinsel Trading  

The footage is from our original New York location.  Our current Berkeley, CA store is not as large, but just as fantastic, and packed with the same antique materials!

Marcia and Martha!

Martha Stewart visits with Marcia at the old New York Tinsel Trading shop in 1998.  She called Tinsel Trading 'My favorite store in the whole world!"

More Martha!

Another video of Martha Stewart discussing Tinsel Trading and our amazing antique materials. She talks about us being one of her 'Secret Sources' starting at 3:30 in the video below, and then gives a demo of how to use some of our unique materials.



A series of videos where we explore original unopened merchandise that has been sitting in our archives for over 100 years!


Unwrapping Antique Tinsel Bullion Part 1 of 3


Unwrapping Antique Tinsel Bullion Part 2 of 3


Unwrapping Antique Tinsel Bullion Part 3 of 3


 Opening Antique Military Trim Part 1 of 2


Opening Antique Military Trim Part 2 of 2